Thursday, December 2, 2010

Enough With the Snow

Yesterday I posted about all the snow we have been getting hit with. The snow started Thursday morning and is still snowing. Yes, STILL SNOWING! It is insane. Our ride home was crazy. My bosses finally did let us out early and by 4 we were on the rode. It took us nearly an hour to get just to The Bug. Which is normally a 20 minute drive.

Once we had Belle we headed to Target. We needed a new shovel. Our old one would not have made it in the pile of snow that was waiting for us at home. On our way we followed this for a while.

This was taken with my cell phone so not the best picture.

Apparently there were a bunch out helping plow the side streets, including our own. We made it to Target got our shovel and picked up some food for tonight and just in case of tomorrow (tomorrow is our grocery night, go figure).  Then we got home. We didn't even try to get into our driveway. I wish I could have gotten a good before picture from the street but I was to concerned about getting Belle in the house and how I was going to climb over the mountain at the end of our driveway while holding her.

The Hubs ate really quick and then headed outside to shovel. Again, how do we not have a snow blower yet?!?!?!? Belle was all hyped up from sleeping on the long car ride home. So I got her bundled in her snow suit and we headed outside. With the camera of course.

Ok prepare yourself for a ton of pictures and a ton of snow.

This one is hard to make out but way in the back is our other car. Buried.
I don't think we are getting it out any time soon.

Our front lawn.

I wasn't lying when I said we got hit. Our neighbor from two doors down came over and helped The Hubs with the driveway with his new snow blower. I plan on making him some cookies this weekend to thank him. He did two of our other neighbors before coming over to help The Hubs. The town that we live in is under a State of Emergency and a travel ban. Which means no driving. School has already been cancelled for tomorrow as well. I am so so thankful that we only have a half day tomorrow.

We were a little worried that The Bug may close tomorrow. But since we have a half day The Hubs wantes to just bring Belle to work with him tomorrow. We shall see what happens.

Any one want some snow???? We have more then enough to share. Oh, and we have not done our Christmas lights yet. I am hoping we can mange to get the lights on the house at least this weekend and skip the lawn stuff this year.

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  1. You must be near us, because we got hit hard too between yesterday and today. It's still snowing in fact, and everyone is saying all the schools will be closed again tomorrow. I don't mind, since the hubs is a teacher and it was nice having the whole family home on a Thursday!


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