Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Road Trip

On Monday we took Belle for a mini road trip. About an hour down the thruway. We took her to the Strong National Museum of Play. Since it was a Monday there was no one there. Belle had a blast. She was able to get out of the stroller and walk and crawl all over the place. She had fun exploring everything and playing.

I forgot my camera so the only pictures we have are from The Hubs cell phone. When you first enter you hit Sesame Street. If I had my camera I would have taken a ton of pictures here. While standing on the steps you can look up and you are on TV. Belle got a kick out of that.

We then entered Elmo's World. She was just ok with the rest of the Sesame Street area. She has never watched it so she doesn't know any of the characters. We tried putting it on once, she just wasn't into it.

We then took her into the Wegman's Super Kids Market. This is so cute. There are shopping carts of all sizes that kids can take and go shopping. They have a produce section with a ton of plastic fruits and vegetables. They had a bakery and a deli that the kids could work in. Plus all the aisles of food. And in a room in the back kids can produce and star in there own News broadcast. Then when you are done shopping you can cash out all of your items. It was adorable and something Belle will have a ball in when she is older. All of the food items were real packages. Empty of course.

There are tons of different rooms to explore. Even a toddler section specifically for her age. She loved it and spent a good amount of time in it. The Hubs and I enjoyed the Reading Adventurland room. Belle will enjoy this room when she is older. When you enter you follow a yellow brick road to different adventures, Wizards Workshop, Mystery Mansion, Fairy Tale Forest, Upside-Down Nonsense House, Adventure Island. The Hubs and I spent a majority of our time in the Fairy Tale Forest. We took turns going upstairs (not so easy to do with a stroller) and found the Giants Playroom. On the floor was a lifesize chess set and next to it was the Giants Harp that you could play. The Hubs had fun with that. Plus a lifesize Connect 4 game.

In the toddler section. Again taken with a cell phone camera.

After you make your way out of Reading Adventureland there is a path to the Bernstein Bears. Belle was terrifed of them. As we tried to get a picture she gripped my arm and would not let us put her down in the room. We didn't stay long.

We made our way to the Field of Play room. This room is filled with different interactive activites. Belle was way to young for this room so we didn't stay long. But she did enjoying pushing the button in the "drag racer" and hearing the engine.

There are more rooms and more activites but Belle wasn't old enough to understand or enjoy. Although The Hubs did enjoy the eGame Revolution. Most of the second floor is dedicated to video games old and new. The Hubs played some Guitar Hero. I really wish I remembered my camera. After we were done in the museum we went to lunch at Dinosaur BBQ. The best BBQ in the world. No lie. It is hands down the best.

After eating the most delicious pulled pork sandwiches we headed home. Belle slept the entire way home. She woke up when we stopped so The Hubs could run in and get milk. We had such a good day and I am glad we went, even if it was snowing and the roads here were crappy yet again. I can't wait to take her back next year when shes a little older.

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