Monday, November 15, 2010

What a Weekend

This past weekend was just plain long. Is that possible? A weekend to be long? The Hubs had to work Saturday night and all day Sunday. It would have been fine but The Hubs has been sick so I let him spend Saturday sleeping before he had to work. Saturday night was fine. Everything went well and stayed pretty much to our routine. I was able to spend the evening lounging on the couch with the laptop. I spent the night on Twitter and window shopping online. Etsy gets me into so much trouble.

Sunday was a different story. The Hubs was gone by 8:30. Belle woke up in a great mood and our day was going well. Then morning nap time came and went without her napping. So at lunch time I feed her and then gave her her bath in hopes of her relaxing and taking a nap. Nope nothing. She wasn't cranky though. Just wouldn't sleep. And then four o'clock hit. And the cranky tiredness came out. I couldn't put her down, I couldn't pick her up, I couldn't sit nor stand. She just wasn't happy.

I was so exhausted. I had been able to do nothing all day. Belle and I sat in her room and both cried. I was tired and couldn't figure out what she needed. Belle calmed down and crawled out of her room. She came back a couple seconds later. Crawled up to me and handed me a soothie that was laying in the living room.

I just started laughing and scooped Belle up into a hug. My sweet girl was trying to make mommy feel better. The day went better after that. She finally took a half hour nap and had fun helping me make dinner until daddy got home. I got to take a nice long hot shower and cuddled on the couch before bed. I am hoping next weekend goes a little smoother. Cause I don't want to be doing laundry at eight at night.

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