Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday- My Wish List

This weeks Top Ten Tuesday is your Christmas Wish List. I honestly have to say this was hard. I had a hard time coming up with 10 things. How sad is that? Now the wish list I have Belle is fantastic, and I could add more to it every time I walk into a store.

Here is what I came up with. They are in no particular order, but the first few are the ones that came to my mind immediately.

1) Hot Mama Handbag. I have been drooling over this for months. It's perfect and everything I have been looking for. There are tons of pockets which I need and I can easily fit a sippy cup, some diapers and a few toys for quick trips rather then lugging around a purse and a big diaper bag. You can get this bag here.

2) Family Portraits. Not just the three of us. I want pictures of my parents and my brother and nephew. I want candid shots and some posed shots. The Hubs and I have actually already talked about this and he has been on contact with the photographer that did our wedding. I am so excited to have them do portraits for us. They are amazing and I know we will not be disappointed. Were just trying to set up a date.
3) Canon EOS Rebel Digital SLR Camera. I die. I want this camera so badly. But it is not in our budget. But this right here would be my ultimate gift!

4) Victoria's Secret Sweaters. I love their sweaters. The Hubs is great, every year I pick out about 5 that I like and he then picks one or two from my list and gets them for me. Sadly you can only get their clothes off the website.

5) Pride and Prejudice Ornament. I found it on Etsy from seller Brookish. The Hubs and I buy an ornament for each other every year. And now Belle gets one every year. If we go on vacation that year we buy an ornament from where ever we went. If it's Disney we come home with like five. I love this ornament. I started reading Pride and Prejudice earlier this year but sadly I just don't have the time to sit and read it. It's a book you can not keep going back to. But I am loving it.

6) Headband from 25 Design. I actually want this before Christmas to wear for our family pictures. Although pictures may be after Christmas. It's so cute. I have ordered clippies for Belle and they are wonderful. She wears them all the time.

7) I Love You to the Moon and Back necklace from Vintage Pearl. I love this. So cute. And anything with Belle's name on it is an added bonus. And I love pearls. They are perfect for everything. They can be dressy and elegant or dainty and casual. I absolutely love the saying "I love you to the moon and back". Perfect for my Isabelle.

8) Day Planner. As I said last week I use my planner for everything. It goes every where with me as well. Granite it's a June to June planner so at the end of this year I will still have 6 months left out of it. But I will need a new one at some point next year. These are so cute. I love that you can personalize them and you can make it to fit your personality. And you can choose which month you would like the planner to start with. Again, I love this! The one shown is from Etsy seller Much Ado About Nothing.

9) Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. It's the next book in her shopaholic series. This series is great. So funny and Sophie is a great writer. These are the perfect books for my life right now. Easy reads that I can get through quickly. I can not wait to read the next book.

10) Kindle or Nook. Either would be fine. The Hubs was originally going to get me one this year, but I asked for the family pictures instead. I would use it and would love to have one. But there are other things that I know I would love to have or use more. But still this would be great. And nice to travel with then carrying around a bunch of books.


  1. Ok, so your list is pretty much my list EXACTLY!

  2. this is a GREAT list! we do have similar minds! I love that necklace by the VP too! We ready that story every single night!


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