Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top 10 Tuesday - Belle's Wish List

This week's Top 10 Tuesday is your childs wishlist. Belle is only one and has no clue what Christmas is so I made her wish list for her. Now there are sooo many things that I could pick out for her, but are still too old for her. This year is a little tough on what we want to get her.

10) Step 2 Lifestyle Gormet Kitchen. This is actually what Santa told me he is bringing her. Such a spoiled little girl.

9) Fisher Price Little People Happy Sounds Home. This is what mommy and daddy are getting her.

8) More Fisher Price Little People. So she can eat them and stick them in her toy oven just like her Little People mommy. I have a feeling these are going to end up in her stocking. The joys of living near Fisher Price.
7) Leap Frog Cook and Play Potsy. Well because it is so cute and Belle likes anything that is kitchen related. I have a feeling she will find this under the tree.

6) These cute little felt play foods to go along with her kitchen that Santa is bringing her. They are adorable and I want all of them! I mean she wants all of them... I found these on Etsy from different sellers. One being Kid n Around Creations. Too cute!

5) Disney DVD's. I am pretty sure she is getting the Beauty and the Beast DVD cause really, it is by far the best Disney movie ever. But all three Toy Story's are available right now as is Snow White. I would love to get her whatever we could before they go back in the Vault.

4) Bath toys. My poor child is bored with her stacking cups. And mean mommy took away her squritees after the cute innocent looking turtle shot a ton of mold out during bath time a couple months ago. Shes bored and is now looking for new things to do in the bath like stand up and give mommy a heart attack. How are they so quick in water too??

3) New hair clips, cause she loves them oh so much. Actually over the past weekend she found one laying on the table and tried putting it in her hair. Too cute. Of course as soon as I put it in she pulled it out. But we need more colors.

2) Handy Manny Ornament. I had to throw this on here because every year we all get new ornaments. This year The Hubs and I found a Handy Manny ornament and we just can not pass it up. She loves Handy Manny and this is the perfect ornament to symbolize Chritsmas 2010 for her.

1) American Girl Bitty Baby. She is to young for this this year but this will probably be what Santa brings next year. It will be a good start to her American doll collection. And so many cute outfits.

Hmm...after looking at this list I think I need to add an 11. Were going to need to get a toy box to keep all these new toys in. I think its time we get one.

Don't worry she wll be getting clothes as well. Probably more then I can fit into her closet.


  1. When my oldest was 1 she got a kitchen similar to the one that you have listed for Belle. She loved it and as a matter of fact we still have it and she's going to be 15 next month!

  2. This is a great list! Eddie LOVES to play with my baking stuff (spoons, plastic bowls, spatulas, etc) and I am SURE he would LOVE all the toy food! He is also a HUGE fan of "eating" little people. Fisherprice must make them taste GOOD! :)


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