Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mommy Dearest?!?!?!

I think my daughter is trying to tell me something. For Belle's birthday she got a Little People van with a mommy and a baby.

The places that I have found the Little People mommy have not been so nice. I have found her under the bathroom scale. Under our couch, and now 3 times in the little toy oven that is part of the Laugh and Learn Kitchen we bought Belle.

Not only has she put the Little People mommy in the oven, but then pulled it out and threw her in the trash can conected to the oven.

She tried eating the Little People mommy too! The Little People baby, the only place I have found her besides the van was in Belle's swing. At least she knows where the baby goes.

And, I have evidence...

You think she is going to try and eat the carrots...

But no, she eats the mommy.

I got down on the floor to play with Belle and this is what I found, back side of the kitchen...

...front side. Little People mommy, in the oven AGAIN!

Think she is trying to tell me something???

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