Monday, November 1, 2010

My Little Trick or Treater!

We took Belle out last night to go trick or treating. Of course it was cold out and so my poor little girl got really cold. I never thought about pulling her gloves out until after we were home.

But before I show pictures from last night. This is what Belle looked like exactly one year ago.

And what she looks like a year later.

Mommy and Belle

Daddy and Belle

We did a few houses on our street and a couple on the side street. She did great and flashed her smile to everyone. She got a ton of candy that mommy and daddy will be spending the next couple of weeks eating.

At our neighbors. Belle's first trick or treat house.

Trick or Treat.

After we were done trick or treating we had to make our rounds. First stop was to The Hubs moms house. She got to see her cousins over there. Her cousin Emily was Minnie Mouse too.

After visiting there we stopped over at my brothers house to see my nephew. He was already out of his costume and was getting ready to go home to his mom's house. But my nephew went as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. How awesome is that?

My mom and Belle.

After there we stopped at my parents so my father could see Belle on Halloween. We had a busy night. But I think this may be the last year to make the rounds. Or we need a better routine.

We had a great Halloween, even though Belle had no clue what was going on. After we were done trick or treating we were getting in the car and some kids were running up our drive way so The Hubs called out to them letting them know we were on the street and leaving. Our house was dark at this point. One of the fathers then said "Well your not suppose to have lit pumpkins if your not handing out candy." Umm one pumpkin and the house was pitch black. Come on people. I carved a pumpkin I was going to light it if we were home our not. The Hubs even took candy out of Belle's loot to give to the kids even.

Our Pumpkin fail lit up. It's suppose to be Minnie Mouse.

 Speaking of Belle's loot, here is what she came home with.

All of Belle's loot.

Belle's trick or treat basket.

Inside her basket.

Hope you and your little ones had a great time trick or treating!

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  1. What a cutie! Enjoy the loot while you can, because as they get older, they only want to give you the nasty candy LOL!

  2. So cute! Have fun eating the candy! ;0)

  3. Belle is adorable! Great photos! (I'm visiting from SITS.)

  4. She collected so much candy. I love her costume. What a cutie.

  5. Swinging by from SITS.

    How cute is she! What a doll! I know how you feel about eating all their candy. I can't stay away from the bowl!

  6. Love the polka dots! Such a cutie!

    Visiting from SITS. Glad you had a nice Halloween!

  7. Awwww...they grow up so fast. She makes the cutest Minne Mouse!
    You can check out our costumes here:


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