Monday, November 29, 2010

Garbage Cans, Christmas Lights, and Snowmen...

We had our first official snow on Friday. Not only was it the first snow of the season but it stuck, and accumilated. It is now all white outside. I thought about taking Belle out to play on Saturday but we just didn't get around to it.
We didn't do anything this weekend but Belle kept me busy. Friday night she was playing quietly. Which surprisingly doesn't always mean shes getting into trouble. She was playing with her little Fisher Price Kitchen when she started whinning. I thought she might have just been stuck behind it so I started to pull it out as she walked behind it. Then I turned it and saw this.

I tried to help her, but it was really stuck and I started laughing. How did she do that?? How did she know to open the little garbage can and stick her foot in it. Ok, and I am laughing as I am typing this and looking at the picture. I was laughing so then she started laughing, then would remember her foot was in there and start whinning again. I was able to snap this picture, because it was funny and I had to. When just like nothing she slid her foot right out.

Saturday I spent the morning cleaning the house so I could pull up the Christmas decorations. This was no easy task with a one year old. But she enjoyed inspecting all the Christmas decorations when I pulled them up. She even helped...a little. I am hoping next year she will start to "get" Christmas. While cleaning we took down the swing finally. Belle hasn't used it in months but it was still sad to put away yet another baby item. This is what it looks like now. More space for all her toys!

I managed to get the inside of the house decorated. All we have left to do is the outside. Which won't get done until we are on vacation now. Vacation. I can not wait. The Hubs and I have a half day on Friday and then we are on vacation for a week. I can not wait. I have not had a week off since I came back to work. Granit I had seven months off due to bed rest but it's been over a year now and I need a break.

And if she didn't learn her lesson Friday night after getting her foot stuck in a toy garbage can maybe she did after getting herself stuck in her jumperoo. Yes this is still up too.

Anyways, Belle had fun going through the decorations. She even wore her Santa hat, for a minute.

And the house looks great. And I lied I do have one more thing to do. I have not put for the garland around the arches in our living room yet. We are out of command stickies. So I will have to pick some up. But this is what some of it looks like.

Our stockings.

My make shift mantel.

And Sunday? How did we end the weekend? Like this...

We took Belle out to play in the snow for this first time. She was a teeny newborn last winter so this is her first actual expierience. She really wasn't sure what to do in the snow and it didn't really help that she can not move in the snow suit. It's a tad bit big but will fit for the entire winter. We made our first snow man too. I couldn't find anything to make the face with. It snowed on Friday and we didn't get out to play in it until Sunday so by then most of the snow had melted.

Belle being silly.

Then the rest of the afternoon was just us playing and taking naps. We had a great end to the weekend. I can not wait for a short work week and to spend the next two weekends with a full week inbetween just the three of us!

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  1. There's nothing like that first snow! We rarely get any anymore but I'm still hopeful.
    Came over from SITS to say hi.


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