Thursday, October 7, 2010

Playing With The Fishes

A couple weekends ago the bank that The Hubs and I both work for offered free admission into the local aquarium. I have never been there before. So we took Belle. We had taken her to the zoo in June and she wasn't really into it so we didn't know how she would so at the aquarium.

She loved it. All the fish were moving and she was getting so excited going from tank to tank. She loved watching the sea lions as well.

Sea Lions outside of the aquarium.

She really was looking into the tank, until I took the picture.


Our aquarium is tiny. Seriously after a half hour we were done. We had also arrived early so there weren't many people there. We were only there longer because we wanted to stay for the sea lion show. Which Belle loved watching. So after we were done we headed over to the falls. It was Belle's first time there. Of course the "other" side looked more fun as always. We just walked along the side and then headed back home. It was getting close to nap and lunch time.


American side.

Across the border.

I couldn't get a good shot of the falls in the back because of all the mist.

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