Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Belle's One Year Appointment

Belle had her one year doctor appointment last Friday. We were suppose to get her shots and the hemoglobin test done. We only did the finger prick. Her appointment was technically before her 1st birthday so she could not get the chicken pox vaccine. So we have to go back tonight and get her vaccines and the flu shot. Luckily our nurse put aside a flu shot for Belle.

Not so lucky, The Hubs is working tonight. So I am on my own for shots. I can not do needles. Hate them, always have. How I was inducded and had a torture device hooked up to my arm for a full day I have no clue. I will probably cry just as much as Belle will tonight. Not only does she have three shots, but they are all in her arms.

But on the bright side Belle is just shy of 20 pounds and her head is on the charts. Still small but on the charts none the less. And she is in the 25th percentile for height I believe. Belle's doctor said we can change her car seat around soon. I wanted to wait a little longer before we turn it, but she is beginning to hate facing backwards. Also The Hubs can't wait to switch her. So I think we are going to. Were still a couple pounds under so for now she is still rear facing.

On Belle's actual Birthday we gave her an unfrosted chocolate cupcake after dinner. She loved it. Which was a bit surprising after the cake fail at her birthday party. She ate the whole thing. Such a little piggy!

After dinner I did my babies last month pictures. And of course they did not come out well at all. She is just not interested in them any more. Which is sad. I am sad I can not get her beautiful smile on film. And when I look at my pictures I am sad that my camera takes such crap pictures. I would love to get a new camera and am constanly looking at the Cannon DSLR's at the store. I would love to get pictures that are not grainy and always dark even when it's sunny and natural light. And what was I talking about again???? Oh yeah, Belle's 12 month pictures. This is the best of the bunch, and I gave up rather quickly this month.

At the Bug on Monday they celebrated Belle's birthday with cupcakes. She got a birthday girl t-shirt and her teacher gave her a balloon.

Belle playing with her balloon from Miss. Danielle

Birthday girl. My big girl!!

Can you see her gross yucky hair in those pictures? Thats from frosting. Apparently she loved the cupcake and frosting at school just not at her party.

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