Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Little Lady Turns One!

Our little lady had her ladybug themed party this past Satuday. After all the stress of where it was going to be and deciding on what to do with decorations it turned out great! She did wonderful while grandma, daddy, and I decorated. She sat in her high chair watching us. She greeted all her guest but was to shy to go to most of them. She crawled around the hall playing with the other kids. She had a ball!

We have amazing family and friends that came out to celebrate Isabelle's first birthday with us. Not only did they celebrate our little girl turning one, but they spoiled her beyond belief. Once again Belle has a better wardrobe then I do and amazing new toys. We are overjoyed and thankful to everyone that came to celebrate with us!!

I want to thank my mom for everything. She made most of the food and helped out so much the day of and even weeks before hand. She went out and bought more stuff then she had to. She helped set up and handled the food. She helped with the gifts and helped us clean up. Thank you mom for everything. Thank you for making Belle's day that much better!

I made the mistake of handing the camera over to The Hubs for the party. I only have pictures of the hall before her party started. Belle and her cake, and opening some of the gifts. Then the battery died. I even made sure the battery was fine before we left. Go figure right?

Gift table before guests arrived.

Cake Table and all of Belle's month pictures.

Cupcakes I made and the cupcake stand I made.

Belle's smash cake.

Door going into the hall. I made the ladybugs and cut out red and black ladybug spots.

 The hall with some of the balloons.

 Me and Belle.

Belle was not interested in her cake. I had to put her hands in it because she wouldn't touch it. She played in the frosting for a bit but wouldn't eat it. I had to put some in her mouth. She took a couple bites but that was about it. But I did get some great pictures of her eating a cupcake on her actual birthday.

She was tired out by the time her party was over. She fell asleep on our way home. We let her sleep a bit while we brought everything in from the car. We opened a few toys for her to play with and then we put her to bed. She went down around 8 and slept until 9 on Sunday! So tired. After she went to sleep I went through all her new clothes and daddy and I opened up all her toys so they were ready for her in the morning.

Belle's new snow suit!

Reading cards.

"It's a baby Violet mommy!"

It was a great day and I still can't believe that it is over. I can't believe that my baby is one. She even looks like a little toddler now. And to think, just a year ago that day The Hubs and I walked nervously into the hospital knowing that when we left we would be leaving with our baby girl and here we are now. Celebrating that love of our lives.

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