Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Isabelle


It's hard to believe that a year ago today you changed both mine and your daddy's worlds forever. At 9:28 am you made your presence into the world. Hours before the doctor's thought you would. Weeks before you were suppose to be here. But baby girl you were perfect.

The nurses were in awe that you didn't cry in the Nursery. You just watched everything around you. Sweet heart that is your personality. Mommy and daddy are so blessed with you. You were an amazingly good baby. You barely ever cried. Don't get me wrong you are making up for it now, but you are still such a good baby. You are a happy baby. Everything makes you smile and laugh even when you feel your worse you smile and give us giggles.

You Isabelle are an amazing little girl. You are so full of life and are always happy. Very rarely do you not have a smile on your beautiful face with the cutest little giggle behind it. For as much as you don't have patience when you are hungry, you have patience that matches it when you are determined to do something. When you can't get something right away I expect you to start crying and whining and become mad, but no not you. You keep trying until you get it. And your face lights up when we cheer for you. My heart swells each time you learn something new. I am so proud of you.

I'm not going to lie we had some tough times. Some scary times as well but you proved to be stronger then we were and you showed us how to get through tough times. I learned patience I never had during the summer months when you didn't want to sleep. You my nosy little girl didn't want to miss anything. But we made it through. And as much as I cherish my down time in the evenings, I miss cuddling with you while you are fast asleep.

You truly are the best and worse of your father and I, but rolled into your own little self and truly an amazing perfect little girl. Your personality is really coming out. You love playing little games and mimicking mommy and daddy's noises. Boy are we in trouble when you really can repeat what we say. You love attention but only if you are safe in mommy and daddy's arms. If we are in a store and the employee checking us out isn't pay attention to you, you will make noises and do whatever you can for them to pay attention to you. But just as much as you love attention, you are perfectly happy playing by yourself.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! I can't wait to see how you grow in this next year!

Love, Mommy!

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