Monday, October 18, 2010

Minnie Belle?!?!

Belle picked out her Halloween costume. Yup she picked it out. While The Hubs and I went back and forth and changed our minds about a thousand times, Belle knew all along. We went into a Spirit Halloween store a couple weekends ago. We walked down a couple of aisles looking at costumes and Belle pointed at one. Minnie Mouse. Why were we being so dumb about this? She know's who Minnie Mouse is from Mickey Mouse Club House. She has a Minnie Mouse at home. So why did we never think that she should be Minnie.

Well she let us know that she wants to be Minnie. So Belle is going to be the cutest most adorable Minnie Mouse ever. I can't wait to take her trick or treating (only to a couple of neighbors houses). We have a halloween party to go to the weekend before and were taking her to the mall for some trick or treating. I can not wait!

Apparently she really doesn't want to be Minnie.

I just have to find a long sleeve black shirt or onsie to go underneath and it will be perfect. Hopefully it won't be super cold out that she will have to wear a jacket. The costume is so short it will probably cover the whole costume.

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