Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog Make Over

I updated the header over the weekend. I decided to make it more fall friendly around here. Maybe I will get ambitious and decorate for Halloween. We will see. Were not to terribly busy over the next week. Although, next weekend we are. We have a wedding that we are so looking forward to. The bride and groom are the couple that caught the garter and bouquet at our wedding 3 years ago. I can't wait, it's going to be so much fun. The on Sunday we are getting together with my parents and my brother for my father's birthday. His birthday was yesterday,

Anyways, how do you like the header? I feel like the pictures really stick out and don't blend in to well. Well I have a couple weeks to work on a different one. I also added a facebook and twitter icon to the right. Of course they fit with my fall theme.

This past weekend The Hubs had to work so it was just Belle and I. We did nothing on Saturday but apparently I wore her out. She was in bed a half hour early. On Sunday we went shopping with Grandma. She did great as always, even with the fact that we left the paci in the car. She is such a great kid. Grandma bought her a couple of dresses and we had something

Tomorrow is Belle's first school pictures. I can not wait to see how they come out! So excited. And I am totally lame that I get excited over this stuff.

And now that I am completely rambling I will end this post.

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