Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photo Shoot

Today we took the day off and are taking Belle for her one year photos. Were just going to JcPenney's but it is much eaiser to go during the day on a week day. I have three outfits planned and an extra just in case.

I am excited but so nervous. When we took her for her 6 month pictures it took her a while to come around and start smiling. Like her true smile. The Hubs and I are going prepared in case we need to be in the pictues. I'm worried also with the fact it is nearly imposible to get a picture of her. She is on the go or won't look at the camera. And when she is sitting and looking at the camera, you are really lucky if you get a smile.

I was so proud that over the weekend she was doing really well with standing all on her own. Yeah she has yet to do it at the Bug and hasn't stood up by herself and actually stood since Monday night. I don't think were going to get any shots of her standing.

Don't forget tomorrow is the start of my Celebration Week. Next week I am celebrating The Hubs and mine's 3 year wedding anniversary and Belle's 1st birthday. So make sure you come back tomorrow and next week to check it out!

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