Friday, September 24, 2010

Celebration Week - Anticipation

Next week is a big week. It is The Hubs and mines 3 year wedding anniversary. Wow...3 years. It feels just like yesterday that our 2 year engagement was finally at it's end and we were getting married. 3 years later and in the same week we are celebrating our daughter's 1st birthday. So to kick off Celebration Week here at Belle's Butterfly Dreams I am going to start with our pictures titled anticipation. Now it may seem like I have a lot posted and you may think this during the week as well. But I have over 900 to choose from. This isn't even half of them and it's skimmed down too!


After our hair and make up appointments we all went back to my parents house where we got ready and relaxed before we headed out.

My dress hanging in my dad's not finished at the time office.

My dad's 1955 Mercury that he drove me to my wedding in. I grew up in this car.

My cousin, flower girl.

For my something old my mom had given my a cross that had belonged to my grandmother. It was actually the cross she wore for her communion. It was nice to have something of my grandmother's with me.

Yup I wore red shoes! Loved them!

My nephew and me. He is so big now!

All the girl's shoes.

The Hubs talking to his dad before the ceremony.

The groomsmen fooling around.

Make sure to come back next week to see the rest of our day. And to finish off the week we will be celebrating my baby girls big day! I have only been talking about this for months now!

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