Monday, September 27, 2010

CW - Ceremony

Welcome to Belle's Butterfly Dreams Celebration Week! This Wednesday is The Hubs and mine's 3 year wedding anniversary. To celebrate today I am posting pictures from our ceremony. We had a beautiful ceremony that we both wrote out and planned together.

Yeah, he may have cried a little :)

The Hubs asked a good friend of his from high school who is a Minister to perform our ceremony. It was so intimate and perfect I would not change a thing. We received a lot of compliments on our ceremony. I never even thought people would compliment our ceremony but it was wonderful to hear!

One of my absolute favorites.

The Hubs and I are different religions. So that is why we decided to have our friend marry us and we chose to have our ceremony outside at our reception hall. As soon as we walked into this place I feel in love it was perfect. All of our pictures, except for the ones last week at my parents house, were taken here.

Because we are different religions we decided to do a sand ceremony instead of a Unity candle. It came out better then I thought it would and sits on our entertainment center. I love it.

The best kiss of my life!

This is what made me fall in love with this dress. The train. Love it!

I was so happy that our photographer followed us and got some pictures of us right after the ceremony. It was just us for a minute and absolutely fabulous.

So happy!

Tomorrow I am showing off our portraits and some of my favorite shots.

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