Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CW - Portraits

Our ceremony and reception were all at the same place. So during cocktail hour we went to a seperate area on the grounds for pictures. We could have stayed right there but I didn't want us or the wedding party walking back and forth through the reception and honestly I didn't want that to take away from the Wedding Party entrance.

Us in my dad's car.

The wedding party fooling around. None of us remember what he was doing.

The wedding party.

The guys.

Not really sure what they were doing.

The girlies.

My parents and I.

My mom and me.

Bridal Portraits.

Husband and wife.

So perfect.

My favorite.

Along with my dad driving me to the wedding in his Merc we had the entire wedding party driven to the wedding in classic cars. My parents are members to a local car club which my brother and I both grew up with. All the members were excited to drive us all to the wedding. We then had all the cars parked right outside the wedding pavillion for the reception.

The wedding party with the cars.

Another favorite.

Tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow is our 3 year anniversary! To finish off the anniversary part of Celebration Week I am posting pictures and some stories from our reception. Then to finish off the week I am celebrating my baby girl!

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