Wednesday, September 29, 2010

CW - Reception

Today is our 3 year anniversary. Our reception pictures wrap up this part of Celebration Week. Tomorrow we continue on with my baby girl.

We had an amazing reception. Everyone danced the entire night. We had great food. My dad extended the music and the bar. The Hubs 80 year old grandfather had to be dragged off the dance floor. People are still talking about it 3 years later.

Part of the wedding pavilion during our recieving line.

Clockwise from top left: Our centerpieces, cake table, favors - Apple Cider, our beautiful cake, and our table numbers - each table had a different engagement picture.

Our entrance as man and wife. We may have been excited.

Our best man gave an amazing speech. The Hubs and his best man have been friends since about third grade. At the end of his speech he asked that all the ladies please return their keys to our place now that The Hubs was a married man. One by one different girls got up and returned fake keys that were handed out to them during the cocktail hour. The last person to come up was a family friend of ours. She is 70. It was hillarious!

We both agreed we were not going to smash cake into each other. But I couldn't help myself and got a little on his nose. But nothing crazy and nothing messy. I was nice!

It was such an amazing day. I wouldn't change a thing everything was perfect even though 5 weeks before the wedding the guy who was making our cake no longer could and we had to find some one else. Which our cake turned out even better then I imagined.

Our first dance to "Making Memories of Us" by Keith Urban

Father Daughter dance to "I Loved Her First" by Heartland

Me dancing with The Hubs grandfather

Two days before our wedding The Hubs went to pick up our favors. The guy "didn't remember" taking my order and did not have them. He then threatened The Hubs to leave or he would call the police when The Hubs questioned him. Luckily one of the managers over heard this and had extra workers come in to prepare our favors. She even threw in some little extras of candy apples that we put on the bar. And some apple pies that no one knew about and my dad just happened to tell us about....wonder what happened to those...???

The Hubs recorded himself singing a song to me. For weeks before the wedding I couldn't decide between 2 songs. The one we didn't choose he sang to me. Amazing! And our friends that caught the bouquet and garter are getting married next month.

Looking in to the wedding pavilion from the front.

from the back.

The Hubs getting down.

To The Hubs: you are an amazing husband. We have had quite a crazy three years. An amazing first year of just us and traveling. Our second year was stressful with a very rough pregnancy. And just three days into our third year our beautiful daughter was born. Our third year was stumbling our way through parenthood. It has been crazy but a wonderful three years. I can't wait to see what the future hold for us and our little family. I love you! Happy Anniversary!

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