Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Ramblings

Weekends seem to go so much faster lately. It's Monday morning yet again. The happy part is that while yes it is a full week, the next 2 weeks are short weeks.

So this past weekend we took a ride to the Outlets to find a dress for Belle's one year pictures and some sneakers for her. We instead bought her some fall clothes and a pair of slip ons that fit her when we tried them on (she was in the stroller) and don't fit her now. Her heels slide right out of them. I should have bought the sneakers. And it doesn't help that she has tiny little feet. She's a size 2 or 3-6 months. Some times. Apparently the size two's that we bought on Saturday don't fit. I hope she grows into them soon. But her feet seem to be slowly growing. Again, I should have bought the sneakers.

Belle was the only one to get anything. The Hubs and I didn't get anything for ourselves. After the birthday party we are saving up some money and going back. We haven't bought ourselves clothes in awhile. We are due for some new stuff. Simply because we deserve it. Well, that's what I keep telling myself.

So after shopping we were invited to a Pig Roast. It was actually a nice warm day. But around 5:00 iy started to cool off...quickly. I was thankful that I packed Belle's fleece PJ's for her. She was nice and warm in those and didn't even need her jacket. We took Belle for a walk in the stroller which she passed out in. We were able to sit and relax for a tiny bit before the horrible DJ decided he wanted to do trivia. He had the mic so loud it was picking other people up. There weren't that many people there that he needed it that loud.

Sunday Belle and I did a bunch of nothing. We did some laundry and I washed the floor. Her socks were getting dirty and I figured I better do it then or it wouldn't get done this week. I used the wet swiffer sheet thing and it worked really well. I will have to pick up more of those. It's so hard keeping up with the hard wood floors. I swiffer and sweep the floors On weekends I swiffer and sweep a couple times a day.

We mailed out Belle's birthday invites on Saturday. So everyone should be getting them today or tomorrow. I will post a picture of them for Wordless Wednesday because they came out so cute. I love them.

And so it is official. My baby is going to be one and her party is in full swing. In 3 weeks, my baby will be one. Where did this year go????


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  1. Doesn't it go so fast? Following from Meet up Monday!! Hope you can visit me at: It's Mom Friendly Meals Monday!


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