Monday, September 20, 2010

B2SB2B Week 2 - Disney Memories

Kludgy Mom

This weeks assignment for back 2 school, back 2 blogging is to pick a topic from the idea bank to write about. I chose number 54. Write about you're favorite Disney memory. Was it at Disneyland/Disneyworld? Was it a movie? Was it a trip to the Disney Store? What’s your favorite memory?

I can't just pick one. There are way to many. So I am going to pick a couple.

In 2004 the dance studio that I was a part of was invited down the perform in the Magic Kingdom. It wasn't a competition or anything. Just a chance for us to perform. We took a class with some Disney Cast Members one morning. We learned different dances they perfrom within the parks. At the end of the class they had us go through a mock audition.

It was such a fun expierence. The dance studio continues to do this every couple of years and I hope they continue so that Belle can expierence it as well when she is older.

Another great memory I had was on our honeymoon. Actually we had a ton of great memories. Our first full day in the parks we had dinner in the castle. We were given the table for 2 in front of the window looking out over Magic Kingdom. We had wedding confetti all over the table. We were given champange flutes for our Honeymoon. On top of it being a great time, the food was great as well.

View from our table.

Our table. See the bread basket? So good!

While we were at Hollywood Studios we happened to hit one of the street shows that was going on. There was a director who was filming a sceen from a movie and needed a Hero. He pulled The Hubs into be the Hero.

When we went back the following year with some friends The Hubs and I convinced our friends that the very front seat on Splash Mountain is the driest. Opps...did we say driest? Maybe it just happens to be the weTtest. We were soaked. But it was early in the morning and it was in the high 80's all day. We dried quickly. Although I am glad I spent the time that morning the dry and straighten my hair because it was ruined and I had to buy a mickey head rubber band because I left the room with out one. But it was fun to get them like that.

That same trip The Hubs surprised me with requesting an Epcot view room. When we got in the room and I checked out the view this is what I saw.

And the view at night? Even more amazing!

The last one is of the fireworks show at Epcot called Illuminations.

The last trip we took was with a couple of friends. It was a rough trip but we did have fun. We went shortly after our anniversary and decided to do a dinner one night just us two. After dinner we decided to quickly run over to Norway and ride the Malestrom. We had so much fun just the 2 of us for an hour. Don't get me wrong we had a great trip with a ton of stories but the times we were able to get away just us were a blast. Later in the week were able to sneak off and hit some shops and did some resort hopping. We ran through Epcot to catch a Monorail and stopped to get some pictures of us in France. We walked around the Grand Floridian. Just us. And it was great memories.

I can not wait until we take Belle for her first trip to Disney. We are hoping to go next year in October for a small trip. If not next year then no matter what we are going in 2012 and taking a long trip. To combine Belle's third birthday and our 5th anniversary. I can not wait for Belle to see Disney for the first time. I can not wait for Belle to see the castle and to create all new memories. Maybe not memories she will remember but memories The Hubs and I will rememeber forever and be able to add to our collection of Disney memories.


  1. I'm so honored you picked one of my additions to the Idea Bank :)

    There's nothing better than a Disney Park!! Sounds like you have some wonderful memories, and have plans for many more memories with Belle! (Perfect name for a Princess :))

  2. Sounds great! I have never been but would love to one day!

  3. Just went to Disneyland with the kids yesterday. It's so magical to see it through the eyes of your own children.
    What great memories you have of Disney! Loving that dinner in the castle. What little girl wouldn't want that?


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