Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Recap

This past weekend we did nothing and it was amazing. We had no place to be and no running around to do. We didn't even look at the cars unless it was to pull the stroller out. Wait I lied. Friday night we did go up to Target to get some onsies so I can get Belle's birthday outfit together.

Saturday Belle woke up a little earlier then normal. By about an hour. She got up at 7. The Hubs got up with her and gave her her bottle. A little while later he came back to bed with her and we took about another hour nap. After we all took a nap The Hubs made pancakes for breakfast and then Belle and I played on the floor for a bit.

After her afternoon nap we took a walk up to the park. We decided to go to the county park so it was a bit of a walk but it was such a nice day we were happy to do it. Belle loved the swings as usual. We have had some really cold weather the last couple of weeks so this past weekend was wonderful. It was a nice warm fall day. The Hubs and I are hoping for a weekend like this in October when we go to get our pumpkins. I can't wait to take Belle to get her first pumpkin!

Belle has reached some milestones this weekend. She can now stand all by herself for extended periods of time. There were a couple times over the weekend I thought for sure she was going to try and take a step or two. She almost took one on Sunday but she was hanging onto daddy's arm. And as soon as she did she lost all balance and was on the floor. She has gotten really good at landing on her butt thankfully.

She has also become a pro at her stacking rings. She can get all of them on and is pretty good with knowing what order they go in. But she also likes to put them in any order she feels like. Were working on knowing colors right now. Every once in a while she will grab the color we are saying. I think it's just coincidence.

After she went to bed Saturday night The Hubs and I had a date night and watched Date Night. It was an alright movie. I guess I expected it to be funnier with all the hype it was getting. But it was a good movie. Next on our Netflix is Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief. I want to read this book but have been stricking out at the library.

On Sunday Belle slept in till after 9. So nice. We both got up with her and The Hubs made omletes for breakfast. I did a ton of laundry and Belle and I went for another walk. The Hubs watched a ton of football and Belle and I took a nap...ok she did while I watched TV. She would not take her afternoon nap in her crib. Since The Hubs was watching football her and I went into the bedroom to watch a little tv and cuddle. She was out as soon as we sat down.

She fought going to bed a little Sunday night and it was closer to 8 before she went down but I will take that over what we went through all summer. She has been so good with bedtime the last few weeks. Going down at 7:30 every night. She even waves goodnight to The Hubs when she says her good nights. Too cute. We have been keeping with a stricter schedule only varing off of it a couple of times. Dinner is at 5:30/6:00. Bath and jammies at 6:30 snuggling until she gives the sign that she is ready. She is always in bed by 7:30 and most of time goes right down. So much better.

Tonight House starts and tomorrow Biggest Loser starts. I can't wait for my shows to start again. Not that we watch much anyways. Not so easy with an 11 month old. We have a short week this week as well. The Hubs and I are both off on Thursday to take Belle for her 1 year photos. I am so nervous for them. It is so hard lately to get her to look at the camera and sit still long enough to get a picture. I got so many of her feet or butt as she was crawling away from me this weekend. I am hoping that it goes well on Thursday. The Hubs and I will be prepared to have to be in pictures with her.

Don't forget this Friday is the start of my Celebration Week. Next week is mine and The Hubs 3 year wedding anniversary and Belle's 1st Birthday!!! So in honor of a big week for our family I am celebrating here on my blog with pictures from our wedding, and pictures and stories, and a letter to Belle. So come back to celebrate with us!

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  1. I totally understand how you are worried about her pictures! I was so worried about how my son's 1 year pics would turn out because he NEVER EVER sits still...but he surprised the hubby and I... they were the cutest pictures ever!!!

    Good Luck!!!


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