Monday, August 23, 2010

Why Hello Monday, Where Did You Come From?

We had a very busy weekend. A good weekend, but very busy and we're all very tired today. Let me start with the tired. Belle and I were fighting colds all week. So between her waking up during the night and being sick, there hasn't been much sleep in our house all week.

On top of the colds, we're still fighting the I don't want to go to sleep phase....since May. It's even more frustrating since I called the pedi and talked to 3 different people with in the office and have gotten no help. Not even suggestions. The nurses line was completely stumped and forwarded me onto the pedi. I brought up Belle has had a cold this past week that's why the sleep at day care hasn't been the best. So she wanted me to bring her in to check her ears. I knew nothing was wrong with them but I made the appointment any ways. Other then that she told us that Belle should be going to sleep on her own and yada yada yada. Yeah I know all of this, why do you think I called????? No suggestions.

So Saturday morning we were up bright and early for an 8:30 in the morning doc appointment. And honestly it was a waste of our Saturday morning and $20. Her ears were perfect. And this doctor had no suggestions either and told us to keep doing our bed time routine as normal. Which it is, until we get to the point that she won't fall asleep and we are doing anything we can think of to get her to sleep. This is about 9 or 10pm. We start bed time about 6:30/7 pm. Depending on dinner.

So any ways, after the doctor's appointment we headed to our county fair. It's the largest county fair in the country. Seriously it's huge. Just like the state fair, only a tad bit smaller then that. We got there at about 9:30 and it was nice. Still cool out and not very many people there. We were able to walk the animal barns with out running into people and got to see the animals getting up for the day. We were also able to get close to the baby animals that were born at the fair with out groups of people.

We had a really nice day at the fair and Belle did great. She slept for about 2 hours in her stroller all on her own. For whatever reason she has no problem falling asleep in her stroller. Maybe she should sleep in that at night.

We left the fair around 4 in the afternoon and headed to a benefit for a friend of ours friend's son (that's a mouth full). The little boy is going to be 2 in October and has a brain condition where he has seizures. They are getting so bad that they are having a tough time pulling him out of them. He is having surgery on his brain this Wednesday. Of course because the surgery is out of state that insurance company is fighting them and won't pay for it. The benefit was such a huge success. There had to be about 300/400 people there. A large Chinese Auction/Silent Auction. A ton of stuff to do and things for the kids. It was fun. Of course I didn't win anything at the Chinese Auction but my friend won 4 baskets and a sign in the Silent Auction.

Saturday was a long exhausting day. Patrick left the benefit with Belle around 8:30 and I got home around 10:30. Long tiring, but fun day.

Sunday we did nothing. We lounged around the house watching tv and movies. Well, I did scrub the bathroom and change Belle's sheets. And did a load of laundry. And swept the living room. But after that I did nothing. We pulled out some toys Belle doesn't play with much. (because they are in her room and she plays in the living room) She was in heaven. I can't wait to get her some new big girl toys for her birthday!!

Well, it's Monday, which means I have to work. Pictures from the fair will be up on Wednesday for Wordless Wednesday.

Happy Monday!


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  2. Hi! This is Tricia from Meet Me Monday. Sounds like you had a VERY busy weekend, too. So did we. I have a 2 1/2 year old who is also fighting a cold. I feel for you with the lack of sleeping. My daughter went through that a while ago, but grew out of it after a couple months. I promise it will get better. Now we just battle the early morning wakings. She's up every day by 5am... no matter what! Makes me exhausted! Good luck with the little one and hang in there. She'll get the hang of it!


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