Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Tuesday!!

Really mommy, I'm not leaving my finger prints on your recently cleaned table!! Honest!!

Because of that little girl I am currently living, breathing, sleeping ladybugs and 1st birthday's. I can not believe that in a little less the 6 weeks we will be celebrating Belle's 1st birthday. Please hold for panic attack with fits of crying that my baby will no longer be a baby.
This past year has flown by. Where did it go???

I found a ton of cute banners that I love on etsy. I am going to try and make my own. I mean I did make all the details for our wedding myself. I can do this. So this weekend I am heading out and stocking up on supplies and getting my butt to work.

By Seller: 10 Candles
By Seller: Life Like This

The details are falling into place. We have the hall booked, and an idea for food. Her outfit is all picked out. Pictures are booked. We have talked about her gifts.

This next month is going to be busy and sadly will fly by.

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