Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Way Back Wednesday

So this weeks Way Back Wednesday is about your home coming or Prom. Well my Freshmen and Sophmore homecomings were pretty boring. I could write about my junior homecoming that a friend and I got in a fight at (not an actual punching each other fight). But I am going to write about Prom.
I loved my prom. My Prom was actually everything that I had dreamed and thought it would be. It was a great night with my closest best friends. Of course there was a ton of drama and fights leading up to it, her we were teenagers. But that night everyone put the drama aside and had a wonderful night.
I bought my dress in January. It was one of the first that I tried on and I just kept going back to it. I still love it. It was pink, and sparkly, and fluffy with tulle. Yes tulle! It was every girly girls dream come true. I so wish I had pictures on my computer.
The day started with our Senior Breakfast. Which is in the parking lot of the high school. Our PTO bought us breakfast that morning. After we were done hanging out in the parking lot and blocking it off to the under class men (we parked all the seniors cars in a giant square bumper to bumper and closed off the entire parking lot; we were made to move a couple to let cars in; those cars parked where ever; giant mess!) we headed in to school for our Moving Up Day ceremony. We got our last year books and watched a slide show of pictures of the class of 2002.
Afterwards my mom took me to get my hair done and I did my makeup. Got ready and everyone was coming to my house for a preprom party. My mom made a ton of finger foods and we took thousands upon thousands of pictures. After we pilled into our limo and headed to the country club.
We had a blast and so so much fun. The food was OK, and the usual people were voted prom king and queen, but it didn't matter. We were having the time of lives on the dance floor.
After we went go-kart racing. We were a competitive bunch. Then went to eat at the usual hang out... Dennys.
That night will always be one of the high lights of my Senior year for me.


  1. That sounds like an AWESOME time! I want to see pictures! Your dress sounds so pretty!

  2. I second that...let's see that dress!! :)

  3. I want to see your dress too! Your prom sounded like the perfect day!

  4. Sounds like you had a great time! I would also love to see pics :) I know mine were hard to find though

  5. What a wonderful memory. I'm following you now Julee@Mommy's Memorandum


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