Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Belle's 1st 4th of July

I have been a little MIA over the 4th of July weekend. It was busy, hot, and fun. We had a great weekend with our little family and friends.

On Saturday Belle had her 9 month birthday. I can not get over that she is 9 months. Where is this time going. In just 3 short months she will no longer be my little baby. She will be a 1 year old. I have her pictures but I will post them later this week when she has her 9 month appointment.

After the standard grocery shopping Saturday morning and a quick stop at the mall to get me new capris cause I ripped my only pain on Friday, we took Belle to the carnival in the Village. There was a ton to do there if Belle was a little older. We walked around a bit I got my lemonade (so good) and the Hubs had some Gelato. Belle got to try some. Of course she loved it. We were looking for the duck pond game but sadly they did not have it. We kinda town hopped to different events going on. We didn't stay for any fireworks or anything as Belle was starting to get cranky.

Surprisingly Belle went down pretty easy on Saturday. Even with the fireworks going off all over the neighborhood. Especially since they woke her up Friday night. Belle was up bright an early on Sunday so we decided to head up to the village and enter her in the Cute Baby Contest. Of course there were a ton of kids. They divided all the babies up by age and then split the boys and girls. There were still at least 20 girls in her age group. Sadly we did not win. They only awarded 1st place so the Hubs is telling everyone she came in second.
Mommy and Belle at the contest

After the contest we headed back home. Of course we had to stop and pick up some coffee and bagels as we did not get coffee before the contest. We hung around home for a bit. Belle ate some breakfast and then we packed up and headed back into the Village for the parade. We decided to walk instead of trying to find a parking spot. We got up there found our spot and settled in to wait. Belle napped until just before the parade was to start.
Belle really was the cutest baby there
Daddy and Belle on stage

Waiting for the other age groups to go

Starting to get tired.

Didn't make it to the winners being announced.

The parade was alright, nothing special. A lot of long gaps for no reason during the parade. It was hot! Very hot! Poor Belle got a little pink on her cheeks and left leg. Even with a ton of sun block on. It doesn't bother her at all thank goodness. Of course I got a little sun burn again, and yes I had sun block on as well. It was so hot that instead of candy some people were tossing freezie pops or walking around spraying people with water.

Waiting for the parade to start

Watching the parde.

After the parade he walked back home. As soon as we got home I stripped Belle and gave her a nice cold bottle. She napped for a little bit and then we headed over to our neighbors. She had a great time playing with her BFF (they are destined to be BFF's. They are only a day apart and live across the street for each other). We had a great time with friends and didn't even have to go into town to see fireworks. We had a 360* view of them from our street.

I could have gotten better angle and a better view, but I was lazy and these are what I got. Fireworks setting on my camera is not the easiest to use!

Belle's first 4th of July was perfect. It couldn't have been any better. Well besides if we had a pool. That would have been great! This past weekend is exactly how I pictured it to be.

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