Thursday, July 8, 2010

9 Months!!

Isabelle turned 9 months this past Saturday. With the busy weekend and the holiday I chose to post this today Since it was her 9 month appointment today.

Belle is eating more and more table food every day. She has officialy tried pancakes, wheat waffles, grilled cheese, watermelon and Puffs. She loves everything except the watermelon. Not that big of a fan.

Were almost crawling. So so close. She's trying to pull her self up to. The legs just don't want to do it. She is a pro at backwards crawling/scooting/sliding and can easily sit her self up from a laying position.

She has developed such a little personality. So so happy all.the.time. I love it. Everything and everyone makes her smile and laugh. She thinks she is the funniest person alive. And craves the attention. Loves it when people pay attention to her. Isabelle can also be such a little drama queen. Cries when she doesn't like something, and not just a normal whiny cry. She can let it out! And the attitude. If she's not crying when she doesn't like something then she's throwing what ever is close to her. But thankfully she is such a happy baby the drama queen only comes out once in a while.

Her doctor appointment went well. Very quick. No shots at this appointment. She cried when they were getting her length and weight, which she never does. We think it was because she JUST woke up.  Other then that she was fine and talked to her doctor the rest of the appointment.

We asked about the not going down to sleep for over a month now. Our doctor thinks it is seperation anxiety because she is fine when we go in to her room. So we have some tips to work with so hopefully we will be getting back on schedule soon.

Here are her stats as of today.

Weight: 17lbs    Still a little Peanut! 25th percentile.
Lenght: 26.75" or 2'2.75" 2 feet!!! 25th percentile again.
Head Circumfrence: 43cm   She is finally on the charts at the 17th percentile!! She went from not being on the charts at 6 months to the 17th percentile!!

Still no teeth but her bottom gum is swollen so maybe sometime soon.

Now that she has hit 9 months we are starting to think about her 1st birthday. Not that I want to rush that by any means but we have to book the place and start planning. Bittersweet!

But I am sure there are going to be posts about the party planning process.


  1. She looks like she is ready to go anyday now! Jack just started crawling out of nowhere! Jack and I are also dealing with separation anxiety. It lasted about two weeks....he would scream when I would leave the room for naps and then stop and smile when I walked back in. It was like a game. I finally let him lasted 10 minutes and now he is golden. Good luck!

  2. Aww!! I hear ya about the crawling. Babygirl didn't crawl until about a week after her 9 month "birthday" and it happended overnight as well. She was pulling up and cruising before she was crawling. I bet Belle will be crawling pretty soon!! She's adorable! Loved the pictures!

  3. Belle has made me a liar. She started crawling tonight. And the first time she did it, she looked she had been doing it for weeks. Apparently if shes going to do something, she's going to be a pro at it right away haha!

  4. What a cutie!! She is a little peanut...although I have a monster baby lol. I love her smile!! Happy 9 months beautiful girl!


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