Monday, July 26, 2010

My Little Diva

This past Saturday we went to the Mountain. We took a trip down to visit with the Hubs dad and step mom. We love taking the drive down there. It is such a nice drive and we both love going down there to visit.

Belle slept the entire 2 hour drive down. Good thing it was nap time when we left. We had a great trip down there and Belle was an Angel the whole time! She played with her new toys the Nana bought her and tried to play with Albie.

After Belle napped for a little bit we headed back outside. Grandpa and Nana bought Belle a swing. She loved it. She probably would have been happy to sit in it all day.

My little Diva.

She did great on the drive home too. Slept the entire way and went right to bed in her crib with no problem when we got home. She is such a good girl. I can't wait for our family vacation now!

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