Monday, July 19, 2010

Belle's Big Week

We have had a really big week here. Belle is officially crawling. She hasn't learned that she can just take off yet but she is a moving. We have pulled out the gate so she can't get in the kitchen. I would actually like another one so we can keep her in the living room but she's been good with staying there. Unfortunately I am sweeping every day to keep up with dust and cat hair. We have all hard wood floors and she can find the smallest piece of fuzz imaginable. And I have caught her trying to put it in her mouth. Any tips to keep the hard wood floors clean. Sweeping sucks and I don't think it does the best of jobs. Were thinking of getting a Swiffer.

Any ways, so along with the crawling we also have a first tooth popping through. Last night I did my normal check to see if we could see anything or feel anything. I wasn't really expecting anything. She was her normal happy self. No out of the norm crying or fussiness. So I was very surprised to feel something sharp along her gums. She was fine and actually let me get in her mouth to look. I couldn't see anything but could definitely feel it.

She was fighting sleep last night. Seems to be our new norm. Were going on 2 months now of not wanting to go to bed. Damn Separation Anxiety. So I gave her some tylenol. I mean it had to hurt right? Even if she wasn't cranky or anything.

Today I could feel more of it poking through. I even had the Hubs feel it. Every time there was a bump I would have him feel and he though I was nuts. This time he could feel it immediately.

So far she has been good. I gave the Bug warning about it today. And when I checked in she was napping already. She did not want to wake up this morning. She slept while eating her bottle. She didn't actually wake up until I was getting her dressed. Then she played with the cow hanging on her car seat the whole ride to the Bug.

We have a fun weekend coming up and I can't wait. This weekend one of the many local churches in the area is having their annual lawn fete. This is one the Hubs and I go to every year. I can't wait to take Belle. Even though there isn't much of anything for her to do. I am sure we can find the duck game for her to play. I hope.

Then on Saturday we are going down to the Hubs father's. We haven't been down there since April. I can't wait to go. I love going down there and even more in the summer. I hope to get some good pictures again and hopefully some good animal pictures while we are there. They haven't seen Belle since April. She has grown so much and doing so much more now. I can't wait. It's going to be a great weekend.



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  3. I feel ya with the floors. We have tile and I use my swiffer everyday and just do a quick sweep. We have two dogs which doesn't help either. yay for crawling!!

  4. Hang in there...once that tooth pops through, you'll be in good shape. We dealt with it all last week. Yay for out...she'll be into everything at this point!


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