Friday, June 11, 2010

Random Friday

So in all honesty, I really didn't know what to write about today. But I have these pictures of Belle from Monday that I thought I would post.

We tried her first mixed veggie puree on Monday. It was a big hit! We will have to stock up a bit more on the mixed fruit and veggies. This kid like anything though. Well except Puffs. Puffs bring out the drama queen in her. It doesn't even need to be in her mouth and she starts gagging and coughing. They are great practice for her to pick up food by herself though. She loves trying to pick them up from the tray when she is in the high chair. And then immediately drops them in her lap.

This weekend we have a bunch going on. And of course the forecast is for rain all weekend. Tomorrow I am having a Tastefully Simple party. Woohoo!! Good food with some good friends! Then we invited some friends over Saturday evening for a bonfire. But it is suppose to rain. Then on Sunday one of the hubs friends is in town and having a party. Again it is suppose to rain and I believe it is an outdoor party. Damn rain.
The hubs is on vaca from work next week. I am jealous! I did take off Thursday and Friday, but I still have to drag my butt out of bed and into work for 3 days next week. While I am at work being annoyed by certain co workers he will be home with the Peanut.

So this turned into a random post. If you are here from New Friend Friday, Welcome! I promise I normally do not ramble like this. Take a look around and stay a while. Feel free to follow me and if you really like us, vote for us here.

Have a great weekend!!!

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