Thursday, June 10, 2010

Karing for Keegan

Since starting blogging I have come across many blogs that have immensely pulled on my heart strings. There are many out there about miscarriages and hard pregnancies. Many about sick babies. I have recently come across one that has stuck with me. Maybe because he's only a week older then Belle. Maybe because he is fighting so hard for his life from a sickness that shouldn't exist.

I have come across Karing for Keegan. Please please please stop over and read his story. It's sad and you may cry but he is a tough little boy. Pray for him. Keep him in your thoughts.

A sick child is any parents worse nightmare. I could not imagine going through any of it. I thank God every day for Belle being healthy. We have had our share of scares. We have had our test and we are blessed that she is healthy.

Keegan is battling cancer. At 6 months they found a mass on his brain. They were able to remove a 6 cm tumor that was malignant. Keegan is now undergoing 6 months of chemothearpy. Well under going chemo, they have moved into the Ronald McDonald House. Please go to the link and read his story.

I know all to well what cancer does. It's hit home way to many times then I would like to think about. My father is currently fighting his own battle with cancer. It's a long tough road. No one should have to fight this battle. Especially and 8 month old.

You can make donations at Raising Madison for this very deserving family.


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