Wednesday, June 9, 2010

You Know Your A Mom When....

You know your a mom when...

-You call into work yet again. This time for no sitter. You are fine with it and enjoy your stolen day with the cutest baby in the world. Then you have to walk into work the next day with a pit in your stomach because you had to call in the day before.

-You are excited when your baby can hold a sippy cup and drink from it and tries mixed veggies all in one day. This is the highlight of your day.

-Your baby hasn't pooped in two days, so you stick her in the Jumperoo numerous times through out the day to help things along. It worked by the way.

-When the days of doing your hair are long gone. You opt for a pony tail every day to save time and to save on pain from your hair being pulled out.

-You can now spend a half hour in the baby toy section at Target and don't even realize you have been there that long.

-You find yourself at 10:00 at night walking up and down the side walk in front of your house to get the baby you just woke up back to sleep.

-At red lights you are frantically searching for the paci that was thrown and she is now screaming for.

-You snuggle that baby a little longer then usual on a bad day. Just because she can make everything better with just a little smile.


  1. Oh the paci search! So true so true!!! There's nothing like the snuggle and scent of your baby on a bad day...

    Just stopping in from SITS.

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  2. Love the list. I agree with the paci at red lights! It never fails! AND the ponytail...I think I've done my hair maybe twice since my little man was born 5 weeks ago. HA!

    Stopping by from SITS! :)

  3. great post! sorry you had to call in sick again...extra snuggle time :)

    visiting you from SITS

  4. Visiting from SITS!
    The paci search is the worst, especially when they have thrown it *just* out of your reach. I have pulled off to the shoulder more than once to jump out and get a paci.


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