Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Peanut Met the Elephants!

The hubs and I took Belle to the zoo for the first time last Friday. It was a beautiful hot day. The first animals on our trip around our local zoo was the Giraffes. Of course Belle didn't know what to look at so when we tried showing her where to look she just looked at us, and then the people next to us and in front of us and any where but the actual animals.

We then went into the new exhibit which is a rainforest. This was the first time we have been able to see it. It's pretty neat. You actually walk through a rainforest that our zoo built. Animals living together and walking and swimming and flying around you. But very very hot! We couldn't take the stroller in with us so the hubs carried Belle through it. It was cooler outside then in the building.

We moved on to the tigers and lions. Lions were no where to be found and the tiger was sleeping. Couldn't see the 2 new tiger cubs. It was the start of feeding time and the giant fail to our zoo trip. We moved inside to see the Gorillas. Perfect. It was feeding time. But the gorillas were feed in there habitat and not moved inside like the rest. So we got to watch all four be feed.

After the gorillas we stopped for lunch. Mommy may have been a little a lot hungry. After the hubs and I ate we moved on. We saw the rams...mountain goats?? Ok honestly, I am not sure what they were. But to watch them walk on the tiny ledge of there "mountain" was amazing. Then the baby walked out. Then another baby, and then a big ram with huge horns. We got some good pictures of them.

We couldn't wait to take Belle to see the sea lions. There habitat is awesome and they are very interactive with the guests. They just swim in one area until there are people to "preform" for and then start playing and spitting water at the guest standing in the bridge. They are adorable and fun. But it was feeding time and they were in the back. But boy could we hear them! The otters were no where to be found. So we moved on to the elephants. One was out....being feed and the other was in the elephant house waiting his turn to eat. Not doing so well.

So we stopped and feed Belle her bottle and changed her diaper. With a fresh happy baby (who has refused to nap today) we were back on our way to see the animals that we have missed due to feeding.

We went and checked out the bears and saw a brown bear that posed for us. Then moved on to see the massive polar bears. Then just as we moved Belle so she could see the polar bears better a couple of the zoo workers stepped right in front of us to talk to the bear. They had walked past spotted that the bear just sat up and came back and stood right in front of Belle. Seriously?? We moved on. So we got the see the otters tails...they were kinda hiding, and then moved on to the sea lions.

As always the sea lions did not disappoint. Belle got to see them when we went downstairs to the under water viewing.

It was a great first trip to the zoo, but we now know not to go at feeding time.

When we got back home we took Belle swimming in her pool for the first time which I wrote about yesterday. It was a great day and I am glad that the three of us got to spend a beautiful summer day together like that!

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