Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tornado Tuesday - Handcuffs

So for this weeks Tornado Tuesday Blog Hop the theme is handcuffs. Ok...really....handcuffs. My first thought was what the hell am I going to write about to deal with handcuffs?!?!? I honestly put this in the back of my mind that I forgot about it until today. So I am sitting here, at work, trying to come up with a good handcuff post.

I have never been handcuffed....I am a good girl. Or at least have never gotten caught. I'm joking mom! I have never done anything worthy of handcuffs...that I can remember at least.

But I do have an ex-highschool-boyfriend that was handcuffed...at a party...with my family. First I want to go back and say that when I think about my time with this exboyfriend I want to know what the hell I was thinking. I think I actually kinda felt sorry for him and so I just stuck around...until something better came along.

Any ways my family and I were at a party at my brother's then girlfriends parents house. My ex (well just call him that) was there as well. It was near the end of July not to long after the 4th of July. My brother had a ton of fireworks that he wanted to shoot off. So my brother and the ex were standing by the fireworks setting some off when out of the bushes (I'm not kidding, bushes) a couple of cops walk in. Start asking questions about the fireworks. This would be a really good time to add, fireworks are illegal in this state. Opps.

So my brother and the ex were handcuffed and taken to the cop cars. The cop that came through the bushes was going to make an example out of them. He called for back up and was being a hardass. When his backup showed up, they laughed said it was joke and left. Which in reality it turned out to be a joke. Finally they were let go but had to appear in court. Which they did and the judge laughed said he had more fireworks at his house on the 4th and let them go.

That is my handcuff story...ok so really it wasn't all that exciting and great, but it's the only one I got.

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  1. Haha I had the same problem at first... The thought of handcuff make cringe. It does make for some great reading though.


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