Wednesday, June 23, 2010

You Know You A Mom When...

It's that time of week again...You Know Your A Mom When...

- you are waiting for the microwave to end. You look down and see your cat looking up at you and you start talking to him like you would your baby (ie: babababa). You then stop and realize you are talking to a cat and not the baby. Meanwhile the cat is still looking up at you wondering what the hell your doing.

- you find that your finger is a better paci/teether/toy then an actual pacifier and will keep your baby quiet during Father's Day dinner.

- after walking up and down the sidewalk in front of your house, pacing her room, putting her down in the crib, rubbing her back, picking her up and rocking her for 3 hours you finally give up. Pack her into the car and drive around until she falls asleep.

- after having the end of the week off it feels like torture to go back to work on Monday. The days drag as well as the week and you can't wait to go home and see that smiley little face.

- you think that at 8 months and no teeth every cry means a tooth is coming in for sure this time. Even though there are no signs of any teeth and weeks later there is still no tooth.


  1. I completely do those too. One day my husband and I were sitting on the couch, and he yawned. I automatically said "Oh big yawn!!" in this cutsy voice. He busted out laughing, and I was horrified.

  2. This is funny and so true, but even funnier is Joanna's comment. I just snorted in my office while reading that!


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