Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mother Daughter Spa Day

Really no girl is ever to young for a Spa Day. Ok really Belle and I did not go to a Spa. But on Sunday after her bath we got settled on the couch and I clipped her nails and painted her toes.

Yup, I painted her cute little toes. A pretty pink. Mommy's little girly girl. Once we were done painting Belle's little piggys we moved on to my toes. So yes, now Belle and I have matching pink toes.

I take these moments of dressing Belle in pinks and dresses, and bows and ruffles. I am a girly girl. Always have been and always will be. I am afraid that my daughter will not. It will be all too soon that she hates pink and dresses. She wants to wear jeans and t-shirts. She would rather play sports then take dancing.
So for now, she will be my little girly girl. Pink and dresses, and bows and ruffles and all. And we can't forget the tutu!

And she loves her pretty pink toes!

Doesn't that face just scream happiness???


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