Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You Know Your A Mom....

This was too cute to pass up! I found this over at Mommy of A Monster
You know your a mom when:

-You eat cold dinners every night because no matter how you plan or what you do, she is always hungry when you are sitting down to eat.

-You wonder if it would be bad if you go to bed after she is 7:30 at night.

-You desperately need summer work clothes but there just happens to be a sale at Gymboree or Carters and she gets another new outfit instead.

-You constantly have the theme songs to Mickey Mouse Club House and Imagination Movers stuck in your head. Along with all of the songs on Violet, "Isabelle let's sing a song about you. I clap clap clap, S clap clap clap, A clap clap clap....."

-You panic when she throws herself off her schedule even though it always turns out fine.

-Poop has become and every day conversation in the house. Including the sniff check.

Ah, the life of a mom!


  1. Well, thank you for the shout out!! And YAY!! So glad you joined in! I participate in this meme every week and love it. Glad to know you like it too!

    And there are many a night when I contemplate going to be at 7:30! The dang songs that get stuck in my head are usually Yo Gabba Gabba songs -yuck!

  2. You know you are a mom when - the baby poops during her shower and you just hold her hind end up under the shower until she's poop free and then finish her shower. Very cute blog!

  3. Where are you puppy dog? Where are you? LOL!

    Love all of these!

    And yes, I'm in desperate need of clothing but I seem to always buy my son clothing first!

  4. These are so true! I OFTEN want to go to bed that early but knows I'd be up at midnight for the night.

    We love Violet over here. :)


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