Friday, May 28, 2010

Etsy Love!

I got a lot of comments about the bow Belle is wearing in her pictures last week. So I thought I would share where I got them. All pictures are old ones. I didn't have time this week to get some new ones. But they are still cute none the less!

Etsy of course!

The bow actually came with a beanie hat and not the head band. I bought both separately. The bow was perfect with her Easter dress and her tutu, the beanie not so much so I used a headband instead. The beanie and bow I got from Etsy seller Loveable Creations Boutique. She has a ton of beanies and headbands. Everything is so cute.

The headband actually came as a set. It was the pink headband, a white headband and a pink bow. I bought that from Baby K Designs. She has a bunch of different headbands and bows. So cute!

Both orders came relatively quick. And the quality is great. I bought them a couple of weeks before Christmas (they were Belle's stocking stuffer's). They are both still in great condition.

Belle's tutu I also got from Etsy seller Patsy Branch. The tutu was very reasonably priced. I was able to pick as many colors as I liked and I received the tutu 3 days after ordering. I was so excited. I couldn't believe it arrived that quickly! Especially since I was so late ordering. I was hoping to have it in time for her pictures. Which of course the pictures came out amazing. Even with the crying. You can read about that here.

I love etsy. I am currently searching for a white bow for Belle's Baptism. The hubs will be happy to know that!

***I do not know any of these sellers and none of them have asked me to write about them.


  1. I just love her bows so much! She is adorable! I will look at that shop for my sister-in-law, who is about to have a girl!

  2. I ordered from Patsy Branch's site, but she never sent the stuff (5 weeks and counting). Now her Etsy site doesn't even work. BEWARE.


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