Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Finished Garden!

We finished up our garden a couple weeks ago but we were so busy with Belle’s recital week that I wasn’t able to get a post up about our last activities. We finished our Garden week by making some more fruits and veggies and a giant sunflower. We “planted” our garden on the door to the playroom.
First we made a kiwi. This wasn’t the easiest. We started with painting the rim of a paper plate brown. This was tough for Belle as she wanted to just paint the whole plate brown. Once the brown paint was dry we finished painting the rest of the paint green, again tough trying not to get the green paint on the brown paint. When the green paint was dry we glued on a white circle to the middle of the plate. Then Belle drew seeds on around the circle with a black marker. It’s not my favorite but was something different for our garden.
I had a couple different ideas to make grapes with Belle. We ended up making a bunch of grapes by gluing purple circles to white construction paper. I had precut a ton of purple circles in different sizes. I helped Belle start it off and she quickly got the idea. She placed the grapes where she wanted them. When we were done we added a couple of green leaves to the top of our bunch.
Next up we made an ear of corn. This was a fun one. We took a toilet paper tube, cut it in half and rounded the top. Belle then painted the tube yellow. When it was dry we glued on some green construction paper husks. For the corn I took white beans and painted them yellow. We glued the beans onto the tube for our corn.
To finish off our garden I wanted to make some type of flower. I decided on a sunflower since we did not make a sunflower during our spring weeks. I precut yellow petals from construction paper and a yellow center. I probably should have cut a brown circle. We were originally going to glue some oats to the middle but we never ended up doing it. I wanted it large so the petals are pretty big. I also precut a stem and leaves from green construction paper. Belle glued the petals around the center circle. Then we glued on our stem and our leaves.

All of our art but our grapes are on the door as a make shift garden. Our beans in the plastic bag are doing really well. They grow more each day. And our tomato plant that we bought has 3 tomatoes on it now. Can’t wait to have some homegrown tomatoes this year! 
Last week we started our ocean unit. Wait to you see all the ocean friends we have been busy making!

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