Monday, June 3, 2013

Belle's First Dance Recital!

Belle’s very first dance recital was this past Saturday. Can I just say that I am the proudest mom out there. She did amazing. The Hubs and I were really worried that she would be completely distracted on stage and not actually do the dance. But she proved us wrong and did the entire dance!

We had rehearsal on Wednesday. It didn’t go great sadly. Just as her class was to go on and practice their dance twice she had to do potty. We made it back half way through the first time and she got right on stage and finished up the dance. The second and last time through her shoe came untied about half way through and she was distracted for the rest of the dance doing a move here and there. Photography and videotaping isn’t allowed at the actual recital but allowed during rehearsal. I was only able to video tape the second time through and got no photos. And since I was trying to record and watch at the same time the video is pretty much crap. Shaky and cuts her off at some point cause I was too busy watching her.
Dress Rehearsal on Wednesday.

I really wish I could have recorded Saturday’s performance because she really did amazing. I am so so proud of her. And then she sat so nicely and watched the big girls dance. At intermission we thought she would make it through the whole show. She was loving watching all of the dances. But about 5 dances into the second half she started to get restless and saying she wanted to go home. So The Hubs took her home and my mom and I stayed to watch the rest.
Hoping her hair curls and holds for the show.
Belle dances at the studio I danced at until I was 19. This year was the studio’s 50th anniversary so they invited the alumni to come back and perform a dance during the recital. I had planned on doing it but being 36 weeks pregnant there was no way I could get up there and dance. I am so sad that I couldn’t dance with the rest of the alumni but so glad I could see them perform.

Belle at her first recital! Penguin Cha Cha!
Sitting in the audience and watching my old studio dance for the first time in 9 years made me miss it. I am so glad that my little girl loves and enjoyed being on stage. She couldn’t wait to get up there and perform and had a blast on stage. She was in awe of all the dances. Just like mommy! I think we have a little star on our hands.

Here are some pictures from rehearsal that the studio had taken. Too cute!

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