Monday, May 20, 2013

Touching Trucks and Having Fun

We had a very busy weekend, but the good kind of busy. On Saturday we had a first birthday party for a friend of ours son. Belle had fun playing and checking out the geese and baby geese that were near the park shelter the party was at. We ended our Saturday with a nice long walk around our neighborhood and the neighborhood across from us.
On Sunday we took Belle to the Touch a Truck event the local children’s museum was having. It was hot and crowded. I am glad we went when it opened as it just got hotter and more crowded as the day went on. We were able to do pretty much everything, some of the trucks we ended up skipping as the lines were long and in the sun. Belle got to climb into a school bus, ambulance, limo, trolley, snow plow, fire truck, excavator and so much more.

At the library truck they were giving away free books, stuffed animals, and t shirts. At a local preschool’s tent Belle got a tattoo and a sticker, and we talked with the Tae Kwon Do school that works with her school where she did Tae Kwon Do this year. Inside Belle got to play on the imagination playground which is basically large foam blocks and tubes that kids can build their own tunnels and playgrounds with. Belle found a couple pieces that were grooved that she used as a track for some balls that they had.  

Back outside they had a derby car track where the kids could build and decorate their own derby cars and then race them. Belle and daddy hammered the wheels on her car and I helped her decorate her car with markers and then we went over and raced her car. It had a really good start and was the first one down the hill but sadly did not win. 

Later in the afternoon we were invited over to Belle’s bestie’s house for a play date and dinner. The girls had so much fun playing on the bikes and in the water table. The girls are too cute together and have so much fun together. I am thankful that they live 5 minutes from us and will go to the same elementary school together. We already have plans for the summer to go to the zoo and have her friend come over to play. We have a nice playground and a splash pad in our neighborhood which is great to have in the summer. Her little kiddie pool is great but being able to run around at the splash pad is nice too. 

I am ready for the summer to get here. For school to be out, and well this baby to be here too. Before we know it, it will be the end of the school year and we will be busy outdoors and figuring out our new lives with the new baby. This weekend coming up is already Memorial weekend, and the following weekend is Belle’s first dance recital. The following weekend we have a party and by then I will be 38 weeks and just waiting for this baby to make her appearance.
The busy season is upon us!

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