Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Making our Garden

We have been having some garden fun the last week and are continuing our great gardens into this week. Last week we had a couple crafts but also planted a tomato plant and did a small science experiment.
The first craft we worked on was a carrot. I cut out a carrot shape from white construction paper and a leafy top from green construction paper. We painted the carrot orange by using a straw. Belle really liked painting with something other than a paintbrush. She experimented with different ways she could paint with the straw. She dragged it along the paper making streaks. She dabbed it onto the paper making circles. And of course she smeared it on. When it was dry we glued on our leafy top and hung it up on our door.

The second art we did was a tomato. We painted a paper plate red. When it was dry Belle glued on strips of green paper for the top of our tomato. We added some eyes and Belle drew on a face. I love the faces she is now drawing on our art, eyebrows, nose, mouth and cheeks. Too cute!

For our easy science experiment we took some beans and put them in a plastic bag with wet paper towels. We hung it up in a window to make sure they get plenty of sunlight. I wanted to use lima beans but the store I picked the beans up from didn’t have any. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work but when I checked on them yesterday a couple of them are starting to sprout. We’ll keep an eye on them and see how they do over the next few weeks. 

We have some more garden fun coming up throughout this week and then we move onto one of the last themes I have planned for a little while. I didn’t want to plan to much for June with the baby coming so we have some random fun activities that we will do while waiting for baby sister.

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  1. How fun! This is a really good way to teach them, I think Hayden would like this.


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