Monday, April 22, 2013

Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs!

The first half of the bug art we worked on I had pictures of how we each art work. And then my memory card corrupted and I lost all the pictures that were on it. It worked fine in the morning than about an hour later I went to take a picture of one of our finished pieces and it no longer worked. So for all of these crafts I only have the finished product.
I decided that we should make a snail this year. We started with a brown piece of construction paper. On one side I drew a spiral circle. And the shape of a snails head. I cut out the snails head and the circle of the spiral but did not cut the spiral part out. Belle glued on different colored pieces of tissue paper on to the circle and all one color of tissue paper for the snails head. We gave our snail and eye and then let our snail dry. When everything was dry I cut the spiral out of the circle and we glued him onto white construction paper with his head. Cutting the spiral turned into a pain. We had tissue paper everywhere and trying to glue the spiral onto the construction paper was a pain. But I am glad we tried this one.

The Easter Bunny brought Belle a big tub of clay. Originally the Easter Bunny thought it was Model Magic but it turned out to be air drying clay instead. Opps. A little messier than Model Magic but it still did what I wanted it to do. I rolled out a ball of clay for Belle and had her use our butterfly cookie cutter to make a butterfly. Once the butterfly was cut out we set it aside to dry. It was about 2 days later before we were able to go back and paint our butterfly so I am not sure how quickly he dried. Belle chose to paint him blue. For some reason Blogger keeps uploading this picture sideways even though it’s not sideways on my computer. And I can’t rotate it.

We made a couple little caterpillars. The first one we made is very similar to the ones we made last year. This year we used a Popsicle (craft) stick and glued on pom poms. When the pom poms were dry we added some eyes and used a pipe cleaner as antenna. I liked how last year’s came out better and we use last years to help hold up some of our art work.

Our other caterpillar was fun to make. I had precut a leaf shape from green construction paper. To make our caterpillar we painted Belle’s toes green and made 3 different toe prints. Belle picked out the one she liked best for her caterpillar. When it was dry we cut him out and glued him to our leaf. Belle added eyes and a mouth. The leaf looked like it needed something so I used a black marker to draw a leaf pattern onto it. 

We have a few buggy crafts and Belle caught a bug in her bug catcher coming up. Then we are moving onto spring. Hopefully it will bring the spring weather along and it will stay around.

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