Monday, June 18, 2012

Ocean Sensory Tub

For the next few weeks we’re going under the sea and exploring the big blue, or the Ocean. Extra points if you can name both Disney movies right there.

This sensory tub came out really nice, and I even had to limit the amount of beads and stickers I used because I ended up with so much. I was going to make some pink sparkly starfish from a sheet of foam, but didn’t end up needing it. The Hubs even noticed it on his own and said it came out great.

What’s inside:
Rice – 2 shades of Blue and some white
2 different kinds of blue beads
Ocean Toob
Stuffed Whale
2 Squirt Octopuses
A Squirt Crab
Dolphin, Fish, and Turtle Beads
Foam Ocean Stickers – Clams, Seahorses, Starfishes
Turtle Eraser
Dolphin Eraser
Whale Eraser
2 Fish Erasers
Blue Silicone Cups

We have a ton in here. I am not sure how I fit it all in. Belle played with it a little on Saturday but that is about it. We have been super busy and not home much so hopefully this week we can dig into it and have some fun with it.

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