Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sidewalk Paint!

This past weekend Belle wanted to paint. It was near 90* that day, and well we don’t have air conditioning. So our house was boiling and it was way too nice out to be in doors. A while back I found a recipe on Pinterest on how to make drive way paint. I was saving this for in August when we do a couple weeks of messy fun and a couple weeks of water fun. But I wanted to keep her outside and she wanted to paint so while she napped I whipped up a batch.

Super easy and I had everything on hand. We will definitely be doing this again, and probably plenty of times over the summer. The recipe I used didn’t have exact measurements but this is what I did.

1 table spoon cornstarch
3 drops food coloring (if I wanted it darker I added about 3 more drops and so on)
And equal amount of water to cornstarch.

I didn’t measure the water as I added the water outside from Belle’s watering can. It was much easier to do the cornstarch and food coloring inside and then add the water once outside.

I used a muffin tin for our paints and used a fork to mix everything together. The colors came out fantastic and once dry on the driveway the colors really stood out. I was afraid they would dry white but they were pretty vibrant.

I want to pick up some of the neon color food coloring for the next time we make it.

When we were done I took the muffin tin over to hose and the paints washed out with no problem. Our drive way was a bunch of different colors but that will wash away when we get a good rain.

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