Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

We had a very low key Memorial weekend at home this year. Typically we go camping but this year we stayed close to home. I think next year we will go camping again as I completely missed it but we had some fun at home this year.

Be prepared for a lot of photos, this was our weekend in instagrams!

Our weekend started with my big girl transitioning from her crib to her toddler bed. Along with her big girl bed she picked out all new bedding. Green is apparently her favorite right now.

We spent the weekend in our backyard enjoying the beautiful (HOT) weather. Belle spent the weekend in her bathing suit jumping from her pool to her water table and back again. Seriously how cute is her bathing suit. Love!

On Sunday Belle and I took a walk to the playground. We were the only ones there so she got to enjoy the swing and the slide. This picture does not do her endless hysterical giggle justice. She laughed for 5 minutes straight. The belly laugh that I cannot get enough of.

Sunday night Belle and I sat down and she picked out blue nail polish to paint her toes.

On Monday, we took a ride down to the water front and walked the path. It was crowded and hot but Belle loved looking for the boats and checking out the water.

I made The Hubs some cookie dough bites. Umm totally addicting!!!

Belle wanted to paint, but it was too nice/hot out to be in the house. So while she took a short, late nap I made some drive way paint. She loved it! Post about it coming this week.

Bed time is at 8, this picture was taken at 8:05. Belle was in bed, The Hubs went running and I relaxed with a new book and a glass of wine. Don’t judge the book! It’s a guilty pleasure TV show and a quick read.

Our weekend was full or ups and downs as we do have a two year old full into the terrible twos and potty training. But, on a positive for the potty training we had absolutely no accidents all weekend long. And Belle is in underwear full time during the day. She still wakes up wet so diapers for bed time still. I think we are finally getting the hang of this potty training and it’s looking good for vacation and preschool!

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