Thursday, January 19, 2012

Painting Snowflakes!

On Monday Belle and I painted some snowflake silhouettes. I took some painters tape, cut it and made snowflake shapes on white construction paper.

Belle picked out pink and blue. We don’t have very many paint color options currently. We are working on it as we go. I squirted a little of each on the paper and let her go to town. All I told her she had to do was cover the snowflakes. Belle loves painting so this was a great project to do with her.

After the paint dried we pulled off the tape to reveal our snowflakes.

I am loving doing different projects and crafts with Belle. She gets so proud of her work and can’t wait to show daddy what she has done.

We are currently working on our last snowman craft. It’s taking us a few days to do but she was so excited to show daddy what she had done after each step. Hopefully tonight we will finish it.

In Disney Blog news, I actually have a post up today. Check it out. Raising A Disney Princess.

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