Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Christmas Angel

There is one Christmas Eve from my childhood that I still think about every year. A close friend of our family who worked at a local radio station called to tell my dad he was going to be late for the party we were at. He received a phone call from a woman who was crying because she had nothing for her grandchildren for Christmas. No food, no clothes, no gifts. Our friend had some leftover food and gifts at the radio station from donations and gathered them up to take them over to this women. My dad and told him he wasn’t going by himself, since it was a bad part of town in the middle of the night.

Since we were at the party with my parents, my brother, myself, and my dad's boss’s two kids were loaded up in the car. I will never ever forget this Christmas Eve. We walked into a small apartment that had barely any furniture. We brought them a Christmas tree, tons of food and some clothes and toys. There were no beds, just mattresses on the floor. No towels to clean up the pop my brother had dropped. As a kid it opened up my eyes to see a world I never imagined existed. I am thankful to my parents who decided to bring us with them.

This Christmas season The Hubs and I adopted a two year old little girl in our area for Christmas. We went out and bought her clothes and toys. My mom chipped in and bought her a winter coat, hat, and mittens. We will continue to do this every year. We plan on adopting a girl around Belle's age. As she gets older we will let her pick out the gifts.

I want Belle to grow up knowing that Christmas isn't all about Santa and presents. She will learn the true meaning of Christmas. But I also want her to know about a season of giving. Helping others. We volunteer, donate, and do charity work all year long. But there is something about Christmas time that makes me want to do so much more. Maybe it is all because of that one Christmas Eve.

We adopted our Angel through the Salvation Army and JcPenney.

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