Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Room of Her Own!

After a year of talking about it, starting it, and then putting the whole project off, Belle’s playroom is finally finished! Well minus curtains and some wall decorations. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product either. The whole thing came out really good.

We had a spare bedroom that quickly turned into a storage room for items we just didn’t know what to do with. A couple weekends ago The Hubs and I went in and tackled the room. We threw away a lot, donated some items, and re-boxed up some other items for proper storage in our basement. While there are some lingering boxes in my living room that shall be removed by the end of this week for Christmas decorations, we did a really good job of getting that room cleaned out in a weekend.

Since The Hubs and I both work for banks (yup, not even the same ones!) we had off on Veteran’s Day. I automatically made that painting day. The Hubs didn’t want to paint but the old futon left some black marks on the wall and it really needed to be painted. Luckily for me we had some paint that we bought for a bedroom that we never used (our bedroom is the next project by the way). On that Friday we dropped Belle off at The Bug and took our two two-year old paint cans up to the Home Depot to be re-shaken. Then we were on our way to painting. We lucked out and all it needed was one coat. The walls look great too! Not like our kitchen fiasco that took three coats and still looks horrendous (don’t paint red! Seriously!). Since it only took one coat we sat down and put together the closetmaid cubical organizer that I bought for her room. It’s perfect with a couple of bins to hold everything. One shelf is all of her books, one bin has all Mr. Potato Head pieces, Minnie Mouse’s everywhere, and the other bin is random toys that I don’t what to do with at the moment.

Since we have no carpets anywhere in our house we laid down the puzzle piece mat we bought when Belle was learning how to crawl. The whole mat fits perfectly and it’s a great place for the three of us to sit and play. One corner I placed all of her art stuff which will become the art corner once Santa brings her that easel we are asking for. We moved her play kitchen from her bedroom into the playroom and then The Hubs moved all the toys in while I set up the room. Even with all the toys in her room there is plenty of room for her. Santa also plans on bringing Belle a table and chair set for her new playroom.

I love that all her toys are in one room now and eventually we will have less clutter in our living room. It will be after the holiday’s before I have my living room back but I cannot wait.

Belle and I have been making different art work for her new room and it is coming together great. My mom is going to make curtains (whenever I finally pick out the fabric) and The Hubs and I are going to buy Belle a Christmas tree for her new room. Belle and I have also started working on some handmade ornaments for tree.

It is a perfect little room for Belle that can grow and change with her!

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