Monday, September 12, 2011

Somersaults, Rings, and Trampolines

Belle's first day of Gymnastics was this past Saturday. She did great. Her listening skills at home have been pretty non-existent lately so when she did exactly what her teacher asked it was a breath of fresh air. She sat on her mat and jumped and stretched with all the kids in her class. When Miss. Melissa asked the kids to put their mats away and come back to mom I was so happy that my little girl followed and did exactly that.

Belle is by far the youngest in class but she kept up with all of them. She learned how to do somersaults. She isn't anywhere near doing it by herself but I bet after a few classes she will get it. I learned that my child cannot jump, like at all. I should get on video how this kid jumps because it is cute and funny. But yeah, she can't jump. This is completely the reason why we signed her up for gymnastics. It will be good for her, get her little body moving and shaking.

Belle was so excited throughout the whole class she loved it. She sat patiently and waited for her turn, and did everything the teacher told her to do. My heart swelled to see how good she was and how brave she was to try new things. Like the trampoline that she went on with just Miss. Melissa. She jumped and froze and did seat drops with no fear and hesitation.

The Hubs tried to get some pictures but the lighting isn't the best. So the pictures are all dark.

I can't wait until Saturday to take her again. And I am kind of disappointed that she will miss three weeks for her party and Disney. Thankfully it is based on the school year so she goes until June. Next week, we start swimming again.

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